Orthodontic Growth Appliances for Kids

“Here at City Orthodontics, we offer quality orthodontic treatment for all ages throughout Toronto and North York. It is important to start your child with early orthodontic treatment no later than the age of seven or at the first sign of a common orthodontic problem. If your child is in need of orthodontic care, we offer different types of braces as well as growth appliances to address and improve their overall oral health. Continue reading to learn about growth the growth appliances we offer at our North York orthodontic practice! View More Orthodontic Growth Appliances for Kids

Getting Kids To Go Bananas About Braces

Our children pay attention to us more than we know. Things like habits, ticks, and language are all picked up from somewhere, and a fair amount of the time this means the parents. So if our children are already mimicking us anyway, why not use that power intentionally? With orthodontic treatment starting as young as age 7 for most children, it is important your children get excited about the idea of braces while young, so they will have pleasant memories looking back at their orthodontic treatment. View More Getting Kids To Go Bananas About Braces