What’s the Difference Between Kids’ Orthodontics & Adult Orthodontics?

Thanks to the many advancements made in the world of orthodontics, there are now more adults improving their smiles with braces and aligners than ever before! Below are some key differences between kids’ and adult orthodontics that are worth knowing before contacting your Toronto orthodontist for treatment.

Oral Health Conditions Differ Between Kids and Adults

As we age, our jawbone hardens and stops growing. This makes adult orthodontic treatment a bit more challenging and time-consuming to complete. And unlike kids, adults often have dental issues that can complicate orthodontic treatment like gingivitis and bone loss. However, even though adult treatment can be a bit more complex and take a little longer to complete, smiles can still be dramatically transformed during adulthood.

Adults are More Apt to Have Spacing Issues

Generally speaking, most people undergo orthodontic treatment to improve their improper bites. When an adult has a common malocclusion (aka “bad bite”) called a deep overbite, there is often a lack of room available in the mouth to move the teeth into proper alignment without extracting one or more teeth. And since the typical adult has worn down tooth surfaces, an overbite can worsen with time. Because of these types of issues, adult treatment is typically focused on improving the bite rather than perfecting it.

Adults Tend to Have Fewer Teeth than Kids

It’s common for adults to have gaps in their smiles due to teeth that were extracted at one time or another. This makes it challenging for a Toronto orthodontist to align the teeth because old extraction sites are often unsuitable locations for teeth to move into. In order to make an extraction site suitable for a tooth to move into, the area may need some prosthetic bone added to it before adult braces can be worn. It’s also difficult to close spaces between teeth and keep them closed during adulthood because mature jawbone doesn’t respond to pressure in the same way as bone that’s still developing and growing.

Kids are Less Compliant than Adults

When seeing a North York kids orthodontist for braces, it’s common for a child or teenager to not comply with all the directions he/she is given about his/her treatment like wearing and changing elastics, maintaining proper hygiene, and avoiding foods that can damage the appliances on his/her teeth. This non-compliance can make treatment last longer and negatively impact the final results. But with adults, non-compliance is seldom an issue as most adult patients follow all the directions they’re given. This helps keep the treatment on track and leads to the most optimal treatment results.

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