Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment


Early orthodontic care should begin by at least age seven. This is the time where some adult teeth will be erupting and future orthodontic problems can be seen. We encourage everyone to bring their children for early treatment at our Toronto orthodontic office to ensure that their jaws and mouths are developing properly. Early treatment can provide an easier orthodontic experience when your child is ready for braces or Invisalign as well as other advantages. If your child needs an appointment for early treatment, please make an appointment at our Toronto orthodontic office today. Early treatment has many benefits that can not only help with orthodontic treatments in the future, but help with other possible issues today.

Why Is Early Orthodontic Treatment Important

Early orthodontic treatment is called interceptive orthodontics. It is known as interceptive orthodontics because the mouth and jaw has not completely grown and we are able to intervene with development and help guide the jaw and mouth to prevent future orthodontic issues that could be problematic to future treatment.

Palatal Expansion

A palatal expander works by consistently putting pressure on the upper jaw to encourage it to widen. Palatal expanders can help in early orthodontic treatment by correcting crossbites as well as make room for teeth that might not have room to erupt or be forced to erupt crooked. If early orthodontic treatment held off, there is a chance that teeth will have to be removed to perform other orthodontic treatments in the future, like braces.

Maxillary Protraction

The maxillary bones are located in between the eye sockets and are what comprise part of your front upper jaw. When we are children, these two bones have not fused together and are easy to reshape with early orthodontic treatments. Most underbites are the result of maxillary bones under developing and not growing forward. Because they are still malleable at a young age, early orthodontic treatments like maxillary protraction are possible to correct underbites before the become an issue later in life

Partial Braces

In some cases, if the front teeth are very crowded partial braces can be used. The treatment compared to full braces is much shorter (3-6 months) and can dramatically improve your child’s smile and allow for more room between teeth in the front and back of the mouth.

Other Benefits Of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Bringing your child into the orthodontist at an early age has other advantages than the ones mentioned above. Children notice differences at a young age and not having a smile like everyone else’s can be hard. Early orthodontic treatment can help correct these common issues and improve your child’s self-esteem. Early orthodontic treatment can also contribute to future orthodontic treatment like braces. If the groundwork for future treatments is established with early orthodontic treatment, later on there will be less need for more extensive orthodontic procedures, and we will see a more stable result at the end of treatment.

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