5 Best Reasons To See Your Orthodontist

There are so many great things about summertime in Toronto. The city offers amazing picnic spots from under the cherry blossoms at High Park to along the shores of Lake Ontario at Bluffer’s Park. Families flock to the two zoos, museums, outdoor concerts, and movies in the park. And families travel to surrounding cities and countries while the kids are out of school. Probably the very last thing you’re thinking about is a trip to the orthodontist. However, whether you’re “staycationing” or vacationing, we encourage you to see your City Orthodontist before you travel.

Reason #1: A Check-Up For Your Braces

When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to think about or worry about is your braces or Invisalign aligners. If you’re already receiving treatment from City Ortho, make that appointment a week or so before you take off for vacation. This will give our friendly experts a chance to make sure your brackets and wires are secure and you have your next set of aligners ready to go. And, if your appointment is time for a treatment, you’ll have a few days to adjust to the new tightness before you travel.

Reason #2: New Orthodontic Treatment Needs Time

If you or your child are ready for orthodontic treatment, summertime is the perfect time to get started. Your first visit will take some time for us to explain about treatment and financing options. Sometimes it takes some time to adjust to speaking, eating, and normal life in general when you have new braces or aligners in your mouth. Getting started in the summer will give you that time. By the time school starts, you’ll be used to the new “you” and confident and ready to show your friends at school.

Reason #3: Kids Won’t Miss School

If you’re worried about your child missing school for orthodontic appointments, you’ll want to get as many appointments in during the summer as you can. City Ortho knows how important it is for your child to be in school learning and will work with you to get your appointments in as quickly as possible during the summer months.

Reason #4: Easier To Get An Appointment

Because kids aren’t in school, parents are scheduling appointments during the daytime, leaving many more total appointments available. We’ll do our best to fit you in before you leave for summer vacation at your convenience. And, if you’re just starting a treatment or ready for your initial consultation, we’ll have more spots that will work with your schedule.

Reason #5: Don’t Let Your Braces Vacation

You should see City Orthodontist before your summer vacation so that our doctors can remind you to not let your orthodontic treatment take a vacation when you do. It’s so important that you continue your treatment while you’re taking a break. Whether it’s avoiding foods that will damage your braces, remembering to wear your retainer, or keeping those aligners in for the prescribed amount of time, you’ll not want to interrupt your great progress toward that beautiful smile.

Call Your Toronto Orthodontist For An Appointment

Now that you’re convinced to get in and see your orthodontist before summer vacation, don’t wait to get that exam or consultation scheduled. Give us a call at (416) 222-3223 or fill out our online appointment form and we’ll get you a time that fits your schedule. City Orthodontics offers a comprehensive range of quality orthodontic services to adults, teens, and children. We look forward to seeing you in our Toronto offices soon and hearing to all about you.

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