Snacks for Braces

Halloween is a time to indulge in some super special & sweet snacks. Sadly, for those with braces, this often means giving up the sweets we enjoy the most. Luckily, here at City Orthodontics we’ve come up with a list of fun Halloween themed snacks, all of which are still safe for patients with braces.

Now you can treat yourself to a few of these snacks here and there and not feel guilty about potentially harming your orthodontic treatment process.

Snacks for BracesBelow is a list of our top 4 favorite snacks this Halloween and the ways that you can recreate them at home. Spooky Spider Snack This agricultural arachnid consists of fresh fruits that are sympathetic to the orthodontic cause. While somewhat scary, these are definitely delicious, and will cause a certain spidey sense to ring as the snacks are brought into a room. What you’ll need to complete this creation:

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