Your Orthodontic Treatment Has Ended, Now What?

Orthodontic treatment Drs. Pablo Kimos and Willy Dayan are here to help you achieve and maintain the beautiful, straight smile you deserve. The path to this smile goes well beyond the treatment period at our practice. Once your braces have been removed, or your Invisalign aligners are complete, it is extremely important that you keep […]

Getting Kids To Go Bananas About Braces

braces Our children pay attention to us more than we know. Things like habits, ticks, and language are all picked up from somewhere, and a fair amount of the time this means the parents. So if our children are already mimicking us anyway, why not use that power intentionally? With orthodontic treatment starting as young […]

Top 3 Fun & Friendly Snacks for Braces: Halloween Edition

Snacks for Braces Halloween is a time to indulge in some super special & sweet snacks. Sadly, for those with braces, this often means giving up the sweets we enjoy the most. Luckily, here at City Orthodontics we’ve come up with a list of fun Halloween themed snacks, all of which are still safe for […]

Giving Back this Holiday Season

Giving Back this Holiday Season The holidays are our favorite time of the year at City Orthodontics, for many reasons. The amazing smells in the kitchen, the holiday get-togethers, family reunions, and especially giving back to the community. What better time to give back to those less fortunate than us, than during Thanksgiving and Christmas […]

Orthodontic Growth Appliances for Kids

Orthodontic Growth Appliances for Kids “Here at City Orthodontics, we offer quality orthodontic treatment for all ages throughout Toronto and North York. It is important to start your child with early orthodontic treatment no later than the age of seven or at the first sign of a common orthodontic problem. If your child is in […]

Family Activities to Do in Toronto: Courtesy of City Orthodontics

Family Activities to Do in Toronto City Orthodontics is proud to be centrally located to all of the exciting events and sights in Toronto and North York. There is a wide variety of activities and great sightseeing must-dos in this surrounding area. Our staff and doctors are excited to share with you some of the […]

Springtime Food Favorites

Springtime Food Favorites Spring is here and it is time to get creative with the foods you love. Everyone at City Orthodontics loves springtime. Vibrant colors, fresh fruits, veggies, and refreshing drinks are our favorite reasons for what makes spring awesome. To celebrate the beginning of the sunny season we have provided you with some […]

City Orthodontics Celebrates National Orthodontic Health Month!

City Orthodontics Celebrates National Orthodontic Health Month If you weren’t already aware, October is National Orthodontic Health Month! Our staff at City Orthodontics is celebrating this year by promoting the many benefits of orthodontic treatment. Your local orthodontist in North York is here to educate you on the importance of having a healthy, beautiful smile. […]

Traveling with Invisalign 101

Invisalign comes with a whole host of convenient features – they’re nearly invisible and completely removable, making it much easier to eat, drink, brush, and floss. But this convenience comes with a few minor drawbacks, particularly when traveling. Whereas traditional braces are always on so you don’t need to worry about them, Invisalign aligners can […]

Choosing the Best Orthodontist in Toronto

Best Orthodontist in Toronto Whether you or your teen needs orthodontic treatment for medical necessity, or because you understand the many advantages of having that perfect smile, finding the right professional to trust with your teeth is important. There are many orthodontist choices in the Toronto and GTA areas, so what sets one apart from […]